Thursday, January 03, 2008


So I'm back to just the sniffles after a wild crescendo of illness, the zenith being a head somewhere around 6 lbs full of a thick snot pudding, I wanted to shoot myself just to relieve the pressure.

But it's better now. I took the antibiotics and they seem to be doing the trick.

I'm headed for orientation tonight. It will be interesting to see if my pride can withstand an environment related to a subject of which I am almost completely ignorant. I don't like being the dumbest one in the room. It remains to be seen if I can muster the humility to actually learn something, pride being somewhat of an Achille's heel for me. Better work on that for the new year. The housekeeping got far away from me while I was sick, so I have that to work on that too. Squelching pride and housekeeping. Dull business.

On the upside, though, I'm very happy to have the kids back. I missed them. Even though I had the option to make as much noise as I wanted (and I tried, but very little sound escaped from my battered vocal chords) while in certain compromising positions, life seemed very two-dimensional.

Oh, and Jethro and I visited a sex toy shop the night before we left for Houston to pick up the girls. I'm shy about that kind of thing in public, so I referred to Jethro as "Don" and he to me as "Kelly" and we pretended we were going to a bachelor/bachelorette party for two people named "Jethro" and "Zelda."

And boy oh boy were Jethro and Zelda going to have fun.

In fact, Jethro and Zelda had so much fun, they only managed to open the vibrator package part way before they said, "screw it" and had regular old sex.

But I hope this vibrator lasts longer.

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