Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Political Dabbling

It's like watching a mangy white hen try to peck her little black chick to death and the little black chick feebly scratching at her eyes.

I do not agree with Obama on any of his main issues, so obviously will not be voting for him. But he is one hell of a likeable candidate. You almost feel as if you could ask him nicely not to steal your money. And I think he's black. Bonus.


Jen said...

Obama is actually the candidate I find myself gravitating towards. Can't stand any of the others . Not being a democrat or a republican, you would think I would have several to choose from, but honestly, he is the only one I would even bother to go and listen to if he was speaking locally.

Huckabee...what a joke. It makes me laugh everytime I think about him becoming president of the US.

Zelda said...

Blech. I'm quite sorry to hear that.

Before you gravitate too far, let me remind you of his comment after the VA Tech murders which you posted and commented on 04/18/2007:


"I just read about the incident this morning, and I was taken back by the sheer loss.

Then I read about Obama's response to the shooting, and saw red. If you haven't seen it yet, see this link:

http://www.reason.com/blog/show/...how/ 119704.html

He seriously needs to be stopped."

I think he's a likeable enough guy as long as he can manage not to make those kinds of idiotic statements.

It doesn't matter to me whether the candidate is likeable or not. Their policy decisions matter a whole lot more.

(Not in order of importance)

Lower taxes (for everyone), a human life amendment (or at least a staunch pro-life stance), a well-funded military, and a willingness to fight people who want to kill us, and I'm happy with the candidate. But Obama doesn't fit the bill by a long shot.

Jen said...

That is actually one of the things that stick me in the side like a thorn when I consider voting for him.

Then again, you and I differ quite a bit on politics, I just keep my mouth shut because I learned long ago not to argue politics with friends.

I am not hardcore pro-life. That is actually what I AM NOT looking for in a candidate. I also would prefer to see more money spent on boosting jobs and education here in the US instead of being spent on building new warships and bombs. Lower taxes isn't always the answer - just a more "fair" system where the rich are not given more deductions, loopholes, and tax breaks. If you lower the taxes for all, where do you suppose the money for education, the military, and other programs you support would come from?

Our country is in a bad, bad place right now. It is going to take a completely different type of leadership to turn it around. If something doesn't change quickly, our economy is going to fall apart.

Zelda said...

I didn't expect my issues to be your issues. But how are you going to get me to vote for your issues if you don't dive into political discussion?

So in that spirit, I'll respond to your query regarding government programs.

There actually aren't a whole lot I support. Military, Education, and the Interstates are pretty much it. And there is a possibility I could be prevailed upon to support extra tax breaks for any medical institution preforming pro-bono or deeply discounted medical services.

Our government wasn't set up to take people's money for programs which only benefit a few, or things like Social Security which take more and more money, yet is somehow in danger of going bankrupt. In fact, we were established to do just the opposite. Our founding fathers would apologize to the Brits and beg the monarch to take over again if they could see the ruin we've made of our tax system.

Basically, I don't see any answers in a bigger government. All I see are intrusions, shameful ineffiency, and more and more of our money being taken to fund projects which only benefit a small percentage of the population.

We need our military. Bad people want to kill us because they are religious psychopaths, or fund the religious psychopaths because they want us to turn socialist and throw our wealth into the global pot, but are too chickenshit to come after us openly.

So as far as I'm concerned, build it up offensively as well as defensively, make all the bombs we can possibly afford, and not sit around and wait for the primitive mongoloids to make good on their threats. We have a lot that is worth protecting, and no other country has any right to it, or right to interfere with it.

As for schools, get rid of all the frills, and pay teachers starting at 80K per year. Way back when, teachers made a very good living compared to the rest of the population, so they were of much higher quality. Do the same now and we'll be back on top.

Privatize SS, and eliminate Medicaid and Medicare - or at least let me opt out. I don't think I should have to pay money into a system I will never use. I shouldn't have to, and it's actually unconstitutional for the government to force me.

As for pro-life, I'm only sorry that it's the evangelicals who agree with me. I don't want a religious candidate. They want just as big a government as the pseudo-liberals, just different. There aren't many morals I think the government has the right to enforce. But not murdering is one of them. Other than that, I'm pretty much libertarian. Or Darwinist.

The government is a behemoth and will suck up more and more money to distribute to tiny, but essential voting constituencies unless we cut back. Trim the fat. Give it breast reduction. One makes oneself dependent on the government at one's own peril. Government is designed to limit freedom. The bigger it gets, the more freedoms are curtailed. It's the nature of it.

Be concerned, but don't panic. The media always try to make one panic. Our country is in somewhat of a bad place, but since no one agrees exactly what is causing the badness, life goes on. And life improves despite the government.

Whew! I feel so much better. That was almost as good as a good dump. Not quite, but almost.

TonyR said...

Obama is sure a sharp dresser.