Monday, October 24, 2005

Bad Day

In case no one has noticed, I'm a terrible sport. I don't high-five and say "good game" after losing. I barely do it after winning. That is, unless I'm pressured into it by better sports than I. It's probably a good thing I grew breasts and gave up sports because I would be unbearable. More than I am now even.

So I've decided on our Halloween costumes. We are going as LOOTERS!! Jethro's going to carry our broken tv and a 6 pack. I'm going to carry a package of pampers and a 6 pack.

And the big winner of the Halloween costume contest is AJ in Iraq. I know how disappointed Jack is. He was pining for Jethro's nekkid ass, a fact in which Jethro has been rubbing my nose for days now. He walks around all cocky, flexing his buttock muscles, pointing at me at random intervals, and saying, "You and Jay can suck my dick. He wants me." It's bordering on the obscene.

Now AJ didn't come up with the exact idea, but he set me on the right track, so he gets to see one boob. Just kidding. The boy's in Iraq for crying out loud. I wouldn't do him like that.