Friday, October 28, 2005

Sundries, and a Payasita Update

Payasita Update. I know I've been neglecting my little political clown, but nothing has aroused my ire until today. I still intend to post about Crawford though, as well as some personal insights into hippie/anti-war culture from the point of view of someone (me) who was conceived for the purpose of continuing a communist utopia. Yes, I've had an interesting life, and most of it wasn't even my fault.


So Emma hops onto our bed last night, picks up the remote, and says, "I want to watch the Astros! GO ASTROS!!!" Jethro wept.

Later that night, I had dropped a pen behind the bed and was reaching below to get it out. My ass was sticking straight up, and Jethro came up behind me and started loving on it. My arm was stuck behind the bed, so Jethro had full advantage. Just as he was getting into full on spank-the-mommy mode, Emma calls out, "Mommy! Come and wipe my butt! She had been sitting in our bathroom on the potty the whole time.

Gwendolyn has bronchitis. She worked the pathos and got us to take her out for sushi. I must say there is nothing that will take your mind off a crushing World Series defeat like a sick child. But there is no one who can ruin your sympathy for her illness like Gwendolyn. She seemed to think that just because we did her bidding in taking her to the restaurant she wanted, we were now required to do her bidding forevermore. Long story short, she got spanked. And if you are going to take your child "to the car," there is no better place than an Asian restaurant because if anyone understands about beating children for a tone of voice, it's Asians.

Anyway, my day is going swell. I am having some people over for Halloween, so hopefully this will get my ass in gear and our house will be clean. If not, well it's not like I have that much of a reputation anyway. Have a great weekend.