Thursday, February 16, 2006

An Interesting Weekend Part II (Abreviated)/Current Events In The Lives of Jethro and Zelda

Last Sunday, we took Gwennie and Emma to see Dora's Pirate Adventure. So stupid, I can't even believe it. They loved it, though, and I was kept somewhat entertained by Boots the Monkey's camel toe. Well, that's what happens when you put a grown man into a skin-tight monkey suit and make him dance and squat and sing. Jethro was looking at Dora's boobs. And that's what happens when you visit a strip club the night before.


Jethro took me out for Greek food on Valentine's Day. I have to say it was a step up from the lobster tails. The restaurant is incredible. The decor isn't anything special, but the food will make you weep it's so good. I had sea bass with shrimp and boulliabase and Jethro had a lamb shank.

The owner of the restaurant looks like Hugh Hefner. He's cute. Brighton would adore him. Part of their schtick is belly-dancers. They get these girls to come in and belly-dance while this amazing mandolin player plays. Come to think of it, Brighton and Travis must come with us to this place. They would love it. Once the mandolin player gets going good, everyone gets up and dances. Group mediterranean dancing is not to be missed if you ever get the chance to participate. It is so cool.

I noticed a table of two Greek couples. The ladies were older and not particularly attractive. Not ugly, just ordinary older women. When one of the belly dancers swung by, one of the ladies watched, smiling for a few minutes. She put a dollar in her skirt and patted her on the fanny as she danced away. It wasn't a lewd gesture or anything, it was like a friendly aunt giving you a pat on the tush. I came to the conclusion that that is how I would like to be when I'm old. This lady seemed so content that she didn't waste a second jealously shooing the girl away from her table. She wasn't botoxed or liposucked or made-up like used-up whore. She just looked pleasant and was completely at ease without feeling like she had to look good enough shake her ageing behind right along with the younger gal. That is how I want to be. Granted not for a few years yet, but I don't want to get botox and liposuction, and dress inappropriately. I want to age gracefully and confidently and not fight it.

I suppose it was an odd goal to set on Valentine's Day, but I felt better when I left that restaurant than I have in months. It's kind of difficult to explain.

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Zelda said...

That sounds like a Greek restaurant I used to go to all the time when I worked at the Transco Tower - it was just a block or two down the street. The food was amazing, the owner was suave, and they had bellydancers on Fri and Sat nights. I miss the soups and the mousaka the most.

Sorry to hear the Dora experience wasn't great, but really, what could you expect, it was Dora on ice.

On Monday, Vince and I were watching the Olympic ice speed skating races and one of the contestants was camel-toeing like nobody's business. It was beyond lewd. Best of all, his uniform was a different color in the crotch - beige. The rest of his outfit was bright red, so it made him look like his uniform was crotchless. My little sister called just as this was on, and my husband described it to her over the phone. She was not only disgusted, but was quite bothered that she was discussing camel-toeing with her brother-n-law! It was quite amusing.
Jen | Homepage | 02.16.06 - 2:47 pm | #


Jen, it was Alexanders. I don't know why I didn't give them a plug.

But it wasn't Dora on ice. It was Dora on stage. And it was so extremely boring. Except for the camel toe.
Zelda | Homepage | 02.16.06 - 2:54 pm | #


Name the time and place, we are so there!!!
Brighton | Homepage | 02.16.06 - 5:33 pm | #


I think you posted Jethro's real name there Z.
trogers | 02.16.06 - 8:30 pm | #


Oh, and for the record- I love it when you verbally hit it out of the ballpark!!
Brighton | Homepage | 02.16.06 - 9:46 pm | #


I can't get past the fact that Dora had boobs!!! She's not supposed to have boobs, what were they thinking??????

I have the same thing going on in my head, the only touch up I would even consider would be to have my boobs lifted, they are sinking faster than the titanic.
Angi | Homepage | 02.16.06 - 10:34 pm | #


Yeah, that's the way to age gracefully - with a glass of retsina, a plate of moussaka and out there shakin' it with the belly dancers. Sounds divine.
phlegmfatale | Homepage | 02.17.06 - 12:31 am | #


Sorry, I'm too vain to age gracefully. Mom did it that way and she looks like hell. I'm not making the same mistake. However, I do need your honest opinion when I should stop. Deal?
Kristin | 02.17.06 - 3:49 pm | #


There must come a point in a marriage, a place I assume these women have reached, where a certain number of years have passed and you feel pretty secure your partner isn't looking to go anywhere. I'm going to guess my wife isn't there yet because she would probably kick me in the nards if I paid too close attention to the belly-dancer
Gooch | Homepage | 02.17.06 - 8:11 pm | #


Brighton - I'm so excited I could dance.

Angi - They did their best to supress them, but she was a 30 year old woman. Not a whole lot they could do. And a boob lift is the only thing that would tempt me to discard the all natural philosophy.

Trogers - oops! Corrected. Thanks.

Phlegm - It really does.

Kristin - Deal! But I can't see you doing anything radical. Maybe I'm incorrect.

Gooch - I don't think I'm there yet either. I want to be, but I think 29 is too young to be matronly.
Zelda | Homepage | 02.17.06 - 8:33 pm | #


Oh you've been a busy/crazy one Zel, giving me lots to catch up on.
Ren | Homepage | 02.17.06 - 9:55 pm | #


Sounds like a very cool place. One day, I'll have to check it out.
My face lift is coming along well, by the way.
I look like I'm wearing an Edgar suit.
dick | Homepage | 02.18.06 - 7:28 am | #


We'll age gracefully together girl.
Inanna | Homepage | 02.20.06 - 12:14 pm | #