Wednesday, June 14, 2006

For Kristin (and not for anyone under 18 or with functional ocular capabilities)

I've changed my mind. I have seen the error of my clothed ways and I am now a liberal.

It's the only way he can see his penis these days. Thank God for digital technology and zoom lenses.

I'm a girl and even I think that looks painful. But maybe that's his thing.

I know pot is supposed to stunt your growth, but DAMN!

It doesn't seem to be talking. Perhaps it's preoccupied with the gay porn audition.

Yeah. From her backfat. Let's drop her on the hajis.

He's convinced me.

Hat tip and major thanks to Zombie. If there were a civilian equivalent of a purple heart, he'd deserve it.

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BarnGoddess_01 said...

liked your commentary!