Monday, June 05, 2006

TV Rots Your Brains

Television is so stupid. It is so stupid it's hard to believe just how stupid it is. I just saw an advertisement for a "provacative" program about America's drug use through the decades. It's entitled, America: The Drug Years - as if they're over.

Usually when the word "provacative" is used to describe a controversial topic, you can be reasonably sure that if it's a good thing like pet adoption, it's going to be criticized, or if it's a bad thing like drugs, the drug addicts who haven't died a horrible death covered in their own excrement are going to wax nostalgic and glossy eyed over the time they spent near death covered in their own excrement. Party on Wayne. Their smug little grins tell me they feel as if they have cheated both Death and The Man. Well congratu-fucking-lations. You're a goddam idiot. Party on Garth.

And MTV is such a cesspool and yet I know every bit of mental sludge they pawn off on an increaslingly addled public. I honestly don't know how since I rarely watch MTV. I caught one episode of that program where they showcase the Sweet 16 parties of Paris Hilton wannabes.

Now I'll be honest. I rarely envy anyone their money. Whether it's earned, or inherited, I simply don't care. If you spend it on things that you truly love, more power to you. And yet. Somehow, I want to rip every strand of hair out of these children's heads along with the still-beating hearts out of their parents' bodies. And as I am wont to do, I overanalyze my reasonings. I think it's because they have such bad manners. I abhor bad manners, especially in children. And I particularly abhor parents who excuse their little monsters and declare their weakness when it comes to denying them things for which they have absolutely no need.

But I wonder if these children realize how close they're going to come to having their throats slit. Not that I'd ever approve of that, but if you insist upon taunting other children whose lack of self-esteem may have rendered them a temporarily unstable, you are putting yourself at risk.

And that brings me to another point. Children who care so much about those who are popular that they would shoot someone over a few petty insults. Once you take out your anger in a bloody way upon someone, everything they've done is null and void, and you are too damaged to enter society. Harsh? Probably. But that's the way it is. Now by bloody violence, I'm not talking about a fist fight, which I actually think there should be more of. No. I am talking about violence that puts someone's life in danger. No excuse for that.

And I guess I'm done with this rant. I had so much more to say, but I'm spent. And I need to pack.


Misha said...

I totally agree. How could someone pay $450,000 on something so frivolous as a sweet 16 party? And I saw one girl whose father was going to buy her an $85,000 car that she wanted because "she looked good in it." I think those kids (and their whipped parents) should be forced to volunteer in a third-world country to gain some perspective.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure your not related to Irish Diablo? You two rock!