Monday, June 26, 2006

I am now completely in favor of drug legalization. Any drug, and all drugs.

I just came back from my local Kroger and they wouldn't sell me a box of Advil Cold and Sinus because I didn't have my i.d. on me. I am quite obviously sick as evidenced by the greenish liquid streaming copiously from my nasal cavaties, I only want one fucking box, but clearly I am running an eeeeeeeeeeeevil meth lab and all that stands between me and the downward spiral of thousands of hapless innocents into the muck and mire of drug addiction are the brave little soldiers at the Kroger pharmacy.

So fuck everyone. If you want to pump yourself full of toxins and remove your skanky ass from the gene pool early, be my fucking guest. I don't care.

But the government has to forget about paying for rehabilitation. In order for drug legalization to work, we must allow addicts to kill themselves as quickly as possible. That will reduce everything from drug related traffic accidents to prison spending. Basically, it's a self-inflicted abortion. You had a chance at life, you couldn't hack it, and now you are aborted. It's tidy, and no one else is responsible.


Anonymous said...

I feel like a goddamn criminal now because I have allergies. It really, really pisses me off. I haven't left my ID home yet, I'm sure that will be worse. My sympathies on your illness.

I'm all in favor of legalizing everything too, while removing the safety net. Let them blow their brains out if they're stupid/fucked up/emotionally retarded as that.

My sister is a (former, I guess) meth addict. I don't feel sorry for her so much as harboring a lot of anger towards her. We both have had the same chances. Different choices. But she has fucked up the family big time. Cost untold bucks and emotional traumas. It would have been much easier on everyone if she would have just died. Isn't that an incredibly awful thing to say about a sister? But there it is.

Zelda said...

Oi, I'm sorry about your sister.

I was going to put PC little "sorry, don't mean to offend anyone" at the end of this post, but I didn't feel like it.

As horrid as it sounds, my kids will know that I will not take care of them if they become drug addicts. I will not help them financially and I will not be there emotionally. I will still love them, but I will disown them completely. They will have to get sober on their own.

I do wish your sister a full recovery, but I totally understand how you feel. They say it's not their fault, but they can't seem to get over that hurdle of believing that it isn't anyone else's fault either.