Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year Everybody!

So life is chugging merrily along. New Years was loads of fun. We went to a club with very little space and an insanely rude bartender. He looked like a child of Danny Devito and Meatloaf, so I guess I'd be a little bitter too if I had to work New Years Eve.

The titty bar was much better.

Girls are so pretty and nice as long as they are dancing and not talking. We all have our strengths, I suppose.

Anyway, we topped off the night at our friends' apartment where we ate pancakes and watched pornography. Porn is so lame. Having an addiction to porn is like having an addiction to movie musicals.


Anyway, Jethro has been sick, as have many other of my acquaintances. Jethro deals with an increasingly unhealthy public, so it leaves him vulnerable. Sympathizing doesn't stop me from requesting that he fulfill his marital obligations, however. But I know I've reached a new low when I try to stick a nipple in his mouth while saying without a trace of humor, "You know you want it." Now I know how high school boys feel. But it did make him laugh pretty hard. Or pretty hard. Laugh. (thx tinyhands).

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