Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dork Alert!!!

I stood in line to get the last Harry Potter book at midnight on Friday. The Barnes and Noble was where the fluffers went (and waited until 3am for their book). The hard-core found a 24 hour Kroger. As I stood in line at the Kroger, a healthy, speckled adolescent male started skanking and singing a little song about Severus Snape. The worst part about the whole excursion was that I couldn't make fun of him because I was ahead of him in line.

But I finished the book at 10:00am on Saturday morning having read through the night. I've been somewhat disoriented through the weekend. Jethro has been surprisingly understanding. I think it's because we had some intercourse. Amazing what that stuff can do.


My friend Lyllia recently showed me an article in the Houston Press about circumcised men yearning for their long-lost foreskins. This led to an internet search which led to lots of men using any excuse to post a picture of their Beloveds. I'm thinking most of these men need to think less about regrowing their foreskins and more about regrowing their penises.


We're going to be out of town for a few days. Fun for us, but unfornate for anyone who checks back and is forced to see the foot nipple yet again.

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charmed said...

Your other comments aren't working, I tried yesterday to leave one....

I've had the Potter book on hold with our library for months now, we are still 44th in line. I wish people would read faster!