Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Moment

I am currently taking a Typography class which I'm finding quite interesting. We're studying the history of different typefaces and doing related projects.

One of our projects is to collect samples of different fonts from anywhere and make a scrapbook of sorts.

There are several new strip malls that have gone up fairly close to where we live, and some of the stores have some interesting lettering in their signs, so I went with Jethro on his lunch break to go take pictures of them.

Without stopping to consider things all that carefully, I took a picture of a jewelry store. Probably not the best idea I've ever had. I was in the middle of photographing the shop next to it when the manager came out. He asked what I was doing, and I told him I was in a typography class and was taking pictures of the lettering of the different store signs.

He said it wasn't a good idea to be taking pictures of a jewelry store.

When put in that light, I agreed that it probably wasn't a terribly good idea.

I figured he was just feeling out the situation to make sure I had no nefarious intentions, so I tried to pleasantly ease his concern.

But then he got a little nasty. He said if his store got robbed the police were coming after Jethro and me, and that he wanted copies of our id's.

He was talking to me, not having the balls to talk to Jethro who observed the whole thing bemusedly from the sidewalk. I just laughed and told him I wasn't going to do any such thing.

He then demanded that I erase my pictures.

Now if he had asked me politely to erase them just for his peace of mind, I would have done it gladly. I'd hate to think of anyone wasting their time worrying about something so unimportant all day long. But he just kind of inspired obstinacy. I told him I had every right to take pictures if I wanted, and he could go ahead and call the police and ask them himself if he had any doubt. I would be happy to wait for them just so I could have the last word.

He abandoned that line of reasoning and told me that I was rude for taking pictures of the store. I told him it was actually a compliment that I wanted to use his sign as an example of good typeface for his particular business (which it was).

He told me I should ask before I did anything like that again.

That wasn't unreasonable and if he had started off with that instead of accusing Jethro and me of casing his joint in broad daylight during lunch hour, I might have been more acquiescent. But that's us, Bonnie and Clyde...

So as it stands, I got my way entirely. I just wish I felt a greater sense of satisfaction.

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