Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Rules

Gwennie has formed a Gwennie/cheerleading club with Emma as the solitary, and most unwilling participant.

Emma's reticence might have something to do with the Book of Rules, which I will post here for your amusement. I won't change the spelling or grammar.

Rule 1:

listen to the master

(And beneath the rule, she has drawn a picture of herself saying "Go get me a glass of water please," and Emma, drawn significantly smaller, saying "OK.")

Rule 2:

go to the bathroom befor practice/meeting

(underneath she drew a picture of herself waving cheerleader pom poms in front of a crowd of cheering minions and beneath that, she drew a picture of a toilet and Emma washing her hands at a sink with a paper towel dispenser beside her.)

Rule 3:

have fun!

(She drew a picture of herself smiling on a trampoline and Emma on the roof of a house preparing to jump onto the trampoline. Underneath that she drew a square in which she wrote note: most important rule.)

Rule 4:

haircuts will make your points go higher also ponytails.

(Underneath she drew a scoreboard with scores for various criteria, and underneath that, she drew another picture that I can't decipher. It has two girls facing backwards, and a devil with a pitchfork with an unhappy expression who looks as if he is falling down.)

Rule 5:

if you lose all your points you are out of the team

(underneath she drew a group of girls smiling and pointing at another girl who is crying and waving goodbye.)

Rule 6:

Go with the masters choises

(the artwork seems to degenerate from here, but she drew a figure which she labelled as herself and two other smaller figures who look as if they are about to do whatever she says.)

Rule 7:

only the master can go get snack. unless she says so.

(underneath she has a picture of someone reaching for snacks and not quite getting them. or possibly someone who has gotten snacks without permission and who has been kicked from behind. I can't tell.)

Rule 8:

keep pillows on heads at all times in the room (closet)

(Quick note: Gwen and Emma have turned Gwennie's closet into their club room. Gwennie even sleeps in there sometimes. Underneath the rule, she drew Emma with a pillow over her face.)

Rule 9:

only go outside when you have a pass

(underneath she has drawn a figure with a hall pass.)

Rule 10:

do not embaress the master

(underneath, she drew a picture of herself with an angry expression and what actually looks like a blush - two round circles on her cheeks - and Emma with something on her head and a black eye.)

Rule 11:

Do not hurt anyone

(Underneath, she seems to have drawn herself punching Emma. Not quite sure what this means.)

Rule 12:

do not hide Passes

(Underneath, she drew herself yelling at a tiny Emma who has a pass hidden behind her back.)

Rule 13:

if you are not the master do not Write/Draw on Journal

(no picture)

Rule 14:

No Pets allowed exept dogs.

(no picture)

Rule 15:

Do not make the Master mad/sad/upset.

(underneath she drew what appears to be a minion in some kind of prison and the words "Go away get a warning" right next to the picture.)

Rule 16:

Do not steel anything from anyone

(underneath she drew a blond with evil looking eyebrows stealing a marble from a weaker looking figure who is sad or angry. She labelled the marble.)

Rule 17:

Do not trick master

(This is one of my favorite pictures. She drew herself with a long arm and hand with the index finger pointing straight up and an angry expression and Emma cowering beneath her.)

Rule 18:

Do not rip papper

(no picture)

Rule 19:

Do not ignore master.

(no picture)

Rule 20:

Do not brake any rules

(Underneath she drew a square in which she wrote note: another important rule)

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