Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Picture Day

I don't usually link to pictures of my friend's kids for safety reasons, but these are not to be missed.

The first is my friend Jen's little girl in gymnastics. I want to squish her.

The second is our friend Brighton's daughter going to prom. So sweet it will make you cry.

And since I'm all about pictures today, here's one of my new round chair that spins. (I say it's mine like that actually means something. I picked it out and I've managed to sit relaxedly in it once in the store.)

It's Gwennie's fault we have it. She destroyed our couch with a pair of scissors, only escaping me destroying her heinie because she seemed properly humble and repentant and accepting of alternative punishment. She's sulking in the picture because I wouldn't capture her mooning the camera.
Emma is the one posing. It's not a sexy pose. It's actually her dead fish pose. She also does a dead fish dance which is the grossest, creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life. I have no idea where she came up with it.

This is Gwennie in her imaginary world of Pokemon. No one really knows what goes on there. The other girl is one of my sisters who is being annoyed by the imaginary world of Pokemon.

Emma with a puppy. Need I say more?

Gwennie with another puppy.

Emma and Zelda's boobs both learning to swim on their own. Look carefully. I think you can see aureole(s?)(i?).

Jethro after a hard day of cuteness.

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