Friday, January 02, 2009

The Billboard Campaign

Not that anyone should care in the slightest, but I did promise, so here it is:

In order to produce these poorly drawn images, I had to scour more porn than could be imagined by even the most debased sex offender.  Type in "hot guy abs" in google image finder without the safety filter and you will be led to the most astoundingly objectionable websites that could ever be conceived.  I even found a naked Santa, and used him gleefully and shamelessly.  The Horror.

The only thing I'm proud of is the fact that I turned it in on time, no thanks to my retarded classmates.  One of them was a misogynist (and that word is really too big to describe him) who was disgruntled that a female was supposed to direct the project.  He wouldn't do anything I asked of him outside of class, he completely ditched one class without calling me or the other guy, and then had the nerve to tell me to calm down and not take it out on him the day the project was due.  I was so livid at that, I actually lost my power of speech.  I did not give him any credit in the summary of the project.

The other guy was nice, but didn't really know how to use the programs very well, so the amount that he could help was limited.  At least he showed up to every class, though.  And he did help me mount the projects in the school which we weren't supposed to do, because using spray mount inside closed spaces does something to asthmatics or something.  

Normally I wouldn't have violated the rules like that, but we had 10 minutes to complete the project, and those two imbeciles were running around the school looking for a glue stick.  I led them to the stairwell, which no one ever uses.  Useless-Idiot-Sexist said, "Oh heeeeeeelllllll, no" and turned around.  I said, "Oh for Christ's sake, I will take full responsibility."  The other one hopped from one foot to the other like Nervous Nelly the whole time, but at least he stuck around.  And no one ever knew.

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