Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have to say, in what is a morbidly depressing political scene, I am really enjoying Rod Blagojovich.  He could be a parody of a sleazy politician, and yet he's so very very real and so sincere in his sleaze.  

He's like Al Sharpton, Ron Howard, and Lindsay Lohan's mom all rolled into one.  He's the Anna Nicole Smith of politicians.  But alas, he was thrown under the bus with such haste and verve, that I don't believe we will never know how far his tentacles (and follicles) of sleaze extended.  Pity.

And President Obama is wasting no time attempting to steal the money to pay off his supporters. Nearly one trillion dollars in the first week.  It's breathtaking.

Almost the first thing he does is put a tax cheat and a lobbyist (in violation of his supposed standards) as Secretary of the Treasury (which controls the IRS).  I don't get it.  Geithner?  I thought Obama was full of crap when he pontificated about not allowing lobbyists to serve in his administration, but I never expected my skepticism to be proven correct so immediately.  It's dizzying.  Geithner must have been owed one powerful favor.  I'm curious about who Geithner worked for before this and how much they are getting from the "stimulus package."

And where were the Republicans?  Only 4 voted against his nomination.  Are they trying to get along or are they complicit?

And then there is the mind-boggling stimulus package we're being whipped into a frenzy to support.

Naturally Obama is going to be absolutely transparent about it.  He has a government website devoted to detailing exactly how he intends to screw us - after the theft passes of course, so no one can protest beforehand.  He's mocking us, I think.

I'm trying to be glad the Republicans are sticking together on this one, but really it's too little too late and as far as I'm concerned, it's just for show.

Make your big purchases now and make sure they are durable because inflation will be beyond your wildest imaginings in 2 years.

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