Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be

I'm having trouble deciding whether to be a dick or not.  I checked out a book from the library at my school and I kept it way too long.  I just didn't have the time to return it or even renew it.  Now they want to charge me a humongous fine - more than the book is even worth - and I don't want to pay it.  I know what it says in the student handbook and all that, but I consider most things in life to be negotiable.  I didn't have a problem paying the fine for it being overdue, which I actually did.  The library didn't have change when I went to return the book and pay up, so I have a credit on my account.  The problem is that the librarian says I owed far more (and technically I probably do) and only wants to refund me a few pennies.

What it really boils down to is that I'm irked that I keep getting emails telling me what a jerk I am for not having returned the book in a timely fashion even though the library still owes me money.  Now I just want to be a dick and get back more money.  For fun.

Oh, and I'm sick.  I have a cold and the shivers.  And I mistakenly referred to the movie "Top Gun" today as "Spaceballs" which was funny and not entirely inappropriate, but I didn't catch it until Jethro had stared at me quizzically for almost a full minute.  I'm a little off.

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