Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sometimes I go back and read my old posts. Usually I can't believe how boring they are, but sometimes I can't believe I actually wrote what I did. Example:

"My husband is gyrating in front of me, wiggling his limpness, probably hoping I will do interesting things to it. It is strangely seductive in an Old Elvis kind of way. Think I'll go give it a shot. Sorry if I have offended, but this is my blog. Onward and Upward."

That was just after Christmas last year. I stuck that at the end of the most boring post in history. Sometimes I am under the impression that I may be a complicated and strange individual.

And speaking of old stuff, I decided to republish
my political blog. I just don't want any comments from one to cross over to the other. It's a dreadful temptation to start arguing how one's personal life has shaped one's political thought. Far too time consuming. I pretty much gave the reason for why I wish to keep them separate in this blog's first post.


Zelda said...

Oooooohhhh! The flood gates have opened! Let the fun begin!

Johnny5 said...

Complicated and strange, yes. Boring? Never. Amply endowed? Clearly.

And you're a republican. You're practically flawless.

Zelda said...

I do it for my country. :-)

Traci Dolan said...

My ZeZe boring????? No way. Banish the thought from your mind.

Zelda said...

Thanks Inanna. I aim to please? Titillate? Something along those lines.

Zelda said...

Angi - I think he's just trying to get you to talk dirty to him. :-)

Opaco - I read the post about how pissed off I got at my sister and I get scared. I really felt murderous.