Saturday, November 13, 2004

Briefly Revisiting Submission

Look what I found - from a UK source no less - on the precautions being taken by Dutch politicians in the face of islamofascist persecution:

"Also hiding is Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a conservative legislator, who collaborated with Van Gogh on Submission, his latest film that criticised the way Islam treats women."

Notice here she's called a conservative. So much for the "European" definitions. Then again, the Dutch liberals are all starting to sound like conservatives now that they are faced with increasing violence from these particular barbarians. I'm begging the entire press - American and European - stop using these pointless labels until the threat from the Islamic death-cult is gone. There can be no liberal and conservative in the face of these psycopathic murderers.

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Anonymous said...

On : 11/14/2004 12:12:13 AM angi (www) said:

labels, labels, labels, the world would fall apart if they couldn't stick a label on someone!

I hate it. Can't we all just be humans?


On : 11/14/2004 3:42:36 PM Johnnie Walker (www) said:

We will continue to face terrorist threats until everyone stops driving these hulking, gas-guzzilng SUVs. This wanton, gluttonous use of oil only put money in the coffers of those who fund the terrorists.

If we were really serious about fighting terrorism, we'd be looking into alternate forms of energy, e.g., solar, electric.


On : 11/14/2004 9:26:31 PM Zelda (www) said:

Angi - There is no liberal and conservative when you are facing an enemy who hates you regardless.

Johnnie - I agree to an extent. There are economic impacts to what you suggest that extend far beyond America. Any change to an alternate fuel source has to be done very gradually so as not to disturb our economy and the economies of countless countries whose people have nothing to do with terrorism, but who are gainfully employed in the industry. The collapse of oil as the world's energy supply could very easily cause economic depression in other countries, as well as our own.

But until such time, we all have to fight these lunatics regardless of how we define ourselves politically.


On : 11/15/2004 12:51:04 AM JamDaddy (www) said:

I like some labels, usually the ones on the terrorists that say "DEAD". But I digress and jest, but not much, hehehe. Trying to group someones thoughts and actions into a single word really does suck. I just want to see someone take action. Maybe we should just mark people by action taker, watcher, in the way, or asshole. I could live with that. Oh, I bet we can guess all the assholes just by seeing how they drive on the highway, lol.


On : 11/15/2004 7:50:26 AM Zelda (www) said:

Dead works for me. I don't even want them tortured first. There's a possibility that makes me a liberal, (at least according to the European press which can't seem to make up their minds).


On : 11/15/2004 12:05:31 PM Greg (www) said:

Less Politics, More Sex! Unless you wanna have Politi-sex. You do seem to have a fetish for dirty laundry.


On : 11/16/2004 9:55:13 AM Zelda (www) said:

I do NOT have a fetish for dirty laundry. It was convenient and more comfortable than the tiled bathroom floor. And we were taking a shower anyway. And so what if the smell of Jethro's jocky shorts gets me a little motivated? That doesn't mean I have a fetish.