Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Letter to Jethro in Honor of His 30th Birthday

Dear Jethro,

Let me start off by saying Happy Birthday. And you deserve one.

Do you remember how old we were when we met? You were 19. I was 17. We've been through college, depression, lost virginity and babies. You have the distinction of being the only friend I've never badmouthed at some point. Remember when we couldn't make up our minds whether we should date or not? Remember how we tried not to, but couldn't keep our hands to ourselves? Remember watching The Muppet Movie and Austin Powers on Tammy's couch? I don't. Remember racing out the door and leaving me on the couch because you were afraid you were going to have sex with me whether I liked it or not? I realize it's a little late, but I'm sorry for being such a cocktease. I can only hope now that it was worth it.

Remember our wedding? It was beautiful, but redundant in that I already knew in my heart that I would love you until I died.

Remember the bad time right after Gwennie was born? Remember how thin and pale and haunted we looked? Remember how you were constantly annoyed at everything, and how I thought nothing would ever be the same again until I saw you checking me out when I was putting on my nightgown? Remember warming up to fatherhood when I put Gwennie on top of you and she'd wake you up by drooling and smiling into your face. I felt a little guilty about it, but I knew you were a goner.

Remember the night Emma was born and you went to go drink beer in the hospital parking lot while I was in labor? I still haven't forgiven you. Remember when she chased you in a rage on her skinny little two-year old legs because you stole her doll?

Remember when we were at our wits' end about your future? Remember when you got into TCC? It was like a weight had been lifted. Remember that first trimester? I never thought we'd make it. But you did and now you'll graduate with honors.

As you start your 3rd decade and when you're dealing with all of the pressures that come with it, just know how much I appreciate every moment I've spent with you, and how very much I love you.

Love always,


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Anonymous said...

On : 11/16/2004 5:35:33 PM jp (www) said:



On : 11/16/2004 6:59:21 PM jack (www) said:

You're a cool wife.


On : 11/16/2004 10:08:44 PM Jethro (www) said:

I remember all of that baby. I remember meeting you for the first time and thinking, "Heeelllloooo. You're a cutie." I remember calling in sick to work just so we could lie around naked in our apartment. We've come a long way haven't we?
Luv you babe!


On : 11/17/2004 1:04:43 AM Jeanette (www) said:

Dammit! My hormones are whacked out tonight and all I've been doing is crying. I hop over here for some revitalizing sex story or political thing and I get this.

And now all I'm doing is bawling. Because, someday I want to write a letter like this to my husband. But he's my fiance right now and I'm scared to move forward to marriage. But I want this kind of marriage with him. And I think I could have it all but I'm too scared.

I love you guys. Booo hooo hoooooo. *wiping tears off my chin*


On : 11/17/2004 6:56:29 AM Zelda (www) said:

Aw. Thanks. I meant to bury this post a little, but I got busy. Oh well, I forgot to buy Jeth a card. I hope this works.

Jeth - Yeah. I remember. We are so lucky we didn't get fired.


On : 11/17/2004 7:53:59 AM Kat (www) said:

You two are more than adorable. Happy Birthday, Jethro. You're a lucky man.


On : 11/17/2004 8:09:00 AM Fleece (www) said:

You rock, Z. And Jeth rocks for loving you right back.


On : 11/17/2004 8:38:35 AM Zelda (www) said:

Thanks guys.


On : 11/17/2004 10:25:56 AM Inanna (www) said:

Its so refreshing to see peeps who love each other and aren't afraid to say it, show it and admit they've had problems but still keep slugging along together. May you guys celebrate many more birthdays together.


On : 11/17/2004 11:17:34 AM Lisa (www) said:

Oh wow. Where are the Kleenex? I need one


On : 11/17/2004 11:42:28 AM Jack Smynde (www) said:

That's sweet, Zelda.


On : 11/17/2004 1:47:32 PM Ciggy (www) said:

Ditto. That was a beautiful post.


On : 11/21/2004 11:38:05 AM Zelda (www) said:

Thanks all. It's a little gooey, but I meant every oozy word.