Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Boom Boom Room

Jeth and I went to Brighton's Saturday night. We hadn't planned on it because I thought we had a wedding. As it turned out, the wedding is this coming weekend and we were able to make it to Travis's party.

Brighton's home is so beautiful. I got to meet her kids who are adorable right down to Sara's brand-new glasses. And I got a look at the Lennox tan walls which are all they are cracked up to be.

I'll have to admit I sucked back quite a few margaritas. They were delicious. This had the common side-effect of making me pretty drunk. After the party ended, the folks who were left made a little trip to the Boom Boom Room. For those who haven't read Brighton's blog, the Boom Boom Room belongs to their neighbors. It is in the back of their garage and it looks like a little hole-in-the-wall bar. There was a bar set up at one end and a refrigerator full of beer at the other. The decor consisted of a few deer skulls over which were draped several bras, and the head of a some type of feral cat with it's teeth bared. There was also a stripper pole which may have been a contributing factor in the dangling of the bras.

Brighton, brought out her stripper shoes and treated us all to a display of highly professional dance moves. Carmen E-slut-ctra has nothing on her. What struck me as so amusing was that one second she was an adorable little hostess with the mostest and bestest margarita machine in the entire world, and the next second, she was a professional seductress in 9 inch heels.

And speaking of the 9 inch heels, I tried them on. How drunk was I?

I don't have good balance as it is and I rarely wear heels. I bought a pair to wear to a formal in college. I was practicing walking in them outside my apartment and my gay neighbor observed that I walked like a truck driver and proceeded to wedge his feet into them and show me how it was done.

I didn't fair a whole lot better with Brighton's. I crammed by long, narrow tootsies in them and had to spread my legs very wide to maintain some kind of balance. Sounds sexy doesn't it? It wasn't. I didn't see my reflection or anything (and couldn't have anyway since I was cross-eyed drunk), but I have a feeling I looked like I was giving birth. To a truck driver.

But it was a very fun night. It is always nice to meet people who take it upon themselves to make their own good times. So here's to enterprising married couples with beer, margaritas, and boom boom rooms.