Thursday, September 08, 2005

Of all the advice I have to give, this is probably the most valuable:

Don't ever, EVER, EVER shave your armpits and then try to soften them up with lemon verbena/sweet pea bath salt.
I swear if I didn't have all girl stuff, I'd be a guy. I can't sleep anymore unless I've gotten off. I don't know what it is. I'm good for one per night and then it's lights out, mama.
Gwennie got a note home and her star crossed out because she spit on the floor while they were lining up for P.E. WTF? I never did anything like that when I was in school. She cried so hard when I asked to see her folder last night, and when I read of her transgression, she said she did it because she was bad and selfish. No duh. Sometimes the inner workings of her little brain baffle me.

Emma is her usual good little self. She started pre-school at her old daycare. I'm so glad they have a program because she loves the girl who runs it. When I told her she would be starting preschool soon, she got all excited. The next morning when I was walking out the door with Gwennie, she came running up with her little lunch box and said, "I'm ready for school, Mommy!" I had to leave her heartbroken and sobbing when I told her she wasn't starting until next week.
I'm in the middle of reading about fornication in Imperialist Japan. There is a book called The Pillow Boy of Lady Onogoro. I've read it a few times now. It is quite...stirring. I'm also reading a history of the U.S. presidency, but I doubt anyone wants to hear about that.