Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jack Is Wearing My Underpants

Well, maybe not Jack, but some N.O. cop is. Jethro and I were fortunate to find a retired police officer who was heading down to the area to bring supplies to the police officers there. We were able to load up on t-shirts, undies and socks - all extra-large, of course, and give them to him before he headed out.

I know this is an unprecedented disaster, but all of this hurricane stuff is depressing.

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I went to bath junkie yesterday and made my own bath salt in a lemon verbena/sweet pea fragrance. It smells awesome. It's more of a summer fragrance than a fall one, but since it is sweltering down here until sometime in January, I figure what the hell. The bath junkie girls had never smelled it before, and liked it so much they wrote it down so they could recommend it to others. I was slightly piqued that they wouldn't allow me to enjoy my rather exclusive creation, but was flattered they thought it would sell well.

Jethro and the girls and I went one of our cousin's weddings Saturday night. I was running around like a madwoman trying to get everything ready. I posted a comment at Fleece's, that sweet, ruthless connoisseur of bad fashion, describing the outfit I left the house wearing:

I was in a huge hurry to get things for a wedding, and I left the house wearing extremely unflattering orange lounge pants and a brown muscle shirt [dyed] with Texas dirt, a fact which is proudly stated on the front along with a picture of the TX flag, that I didn't realize showed more of my bra than not, and unmatching pink flip flops that gave me blisters after awhile and made me walk funny.

How sick is that?

One of my excursions that day included Payless for Emma's sandals. I suddenly remembered a man I once saw there. He was utterly nondescript. I would never be able to identify him if I ever saw him again, but I caught him with his pant legs rolled up and he was trying on very large sized ladies shoes. I did a double take. If I'd been in Montrose, Houston's rainbow fairy district, I wouldn't have looked twice. But in ultra-conservative part of Greater Houston, where I am pleased, or at least resigned, to make my abode, this sight is something of a rarity.

I asked the people working there if he ever came back and they said he came in all the time and that he was one of three men who regularly shopped there for all their large footed needs. They said he would peek his head in first to make sure no one could see him, and then proceed to the size 12's. They said sometimes he would come in with a little purse, and sometimes he would be wearing pantyhose.

You just never know about people sometimes.