Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good Halloween

It was a dark and stormy night.

And Gwennie had bronchitis. So trick-or-treating was limited to only a few houses. Then we took them to the mall. Keep reading. It gets better. Jethro decided that I, dressed as a looter, didn't do it for him, so on went the corset and fangs and crazy eyes. I guess I can manage to dress all slutty for him once a year. Jethro's leather pants fit a little tighter, and I had to lace the corset up a little looser, but I think we still managed to look pretty good.

Digression: Did you ever look into the mirror and realize you were looking older? My looks haven't changed much since I was 18, but I've been really looking at myself in the mirror lately, and I see things. I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid. But Jethro is going to end up looking younger than me eventually. And he'll be a doctor. I don't think my tits are going to make it that long. Show no fear. Read. Learn. A head full of thoughts will sustain you through times when you are alone. It seems silly to be worrying about loneliness with a husband and two children. I love us to the point of heartbreak. Is that enough to keep your best friend around when someone younger and hotter wiggles their way onto the table with a mouth full of flattery and tits full of saline? Am I giving this my best shot?

Resume: Gwennie and Emma were Mulan and Sleeping Beauty. So much for originality. I tried to make Emma Mushu, but she took one look at the costume and freaked out. It was so funny. She was so excited at first, but she got a look at the dragon head and her grin turned into a face of abject terror. I felt guilty and let her be Sleeping Beauty like she wanted.

At the mall, Jethro and I scared people with the eyes. Actually Jethro scared people with the eyes. I scared them with the boobs. It was funny. We will have pictures.