Friday, March 03, 2006

How do I hate thee...let me count the ways. Jethro got the results of his jurisprudence test. He passed, naturally. But does he have his license? No. The Texas Chiropractic Board of Examiners is holding it ransom for the sum of $99.00. What I would like to know is HOW DO THEY FUCKING EXPECT HIM TO PAY $99.00 IF HE DOESN'T HAVE A FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!!!

Surely, sending out a piece of paper through the mail doesn't cost $99.00. This is extortion. Don't like that word? Good. THIS IS EXTORTION.

If you knew how many fees we had to pay and how many times they arbitrarily raised the prices - you would cry. I'm crying. They don't nickel and dime you to death. They choke you out with thousands of dollars in fees.

And there is nowhere to complain. They tell you all over their letters not to call them. "Calling them could delay processing" they say. I would like to sue them. What they are doing is not legal. But what new doctor, anxious to start practicing, is going to hold up his license by suing? We're not. We can't fucking afford it. So we bite down a little harder on the ball gag and take it just a little deeper. Jethro's brokeback ass should be fine (just kidding, honey. I am only implying that you are more patient than I and am not in any way questioning your sexuality which have proven time and time again, unless you are thinking of me as a man which is probably not the case, but my natural humility must always account for the possibility), but it is not something to which I am accustomed.

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Zelda said...

Seems like they have taken enough of your money just for school. reminds me of when the boys were in school, every week, they had to pay fees for some reason or another. It's a conspiracy.
Angi | Homepage | 03.03.06 - 2:16 pm | #


Just go ahead and send them a check for $199 to cover any future fees.
Jen | Homepage | 03.03.06 - 4:36 pm | #


I feel a bitch slap a comin'
Kristin | 03.03.06 - 4:46 pm | #



They wrote in the letter "Incomplete pro-rated forms or INCORRECT FEES will cause a delay in processing your license."

I'm going to be bald after ripping out all of my hair dealing with this shit.
Jethro | Homepage | 03.03.06 - 6:14 pm | #


Just think, it can only get better guys. In a couple years when your practice is established and you are so busy that you can hardly keep up with all the money, you'll enjoy a chuckle about these days.
JP | Homepage | 03.04.06 - 12:25 am | #


Sounds like a racket to me. People should be nicer. Good luck.
Inanna | Homepage | 03.04.06 - 10:45 am | #