Friday, March 24, 2006

Tidbits For The Weekend

Jethro got a really decent job offer. I'm so excited. Aroused, if you will. I suppose I should probably blow him and make him some bacon.


I watched The Aristocrats the other night. I was warned by so many that it was foul in the extreme, and then I came across this blog entry. Warning: Do Not Read. Well of course I was now compelled to watch it.

When I rented it at the video store, the video store clerk (who I have a slight platonic crush on probably because he wears earrings that look like they're made of bullet casings similar to mine, only mine are real), turned an intriguing shade of dark red when I went to check it out.

"You know what this movie is about, right?" he asked cautiously, avoiding my eyes.

"Yes indeed I do," I replied.

"Well, I had to ask," he said, turning his normal color once again. "Some people think they're renting "The Aristocats" or something similar and then they come in and yell at me. I didn't want you to see it without a proper warning."

"Was it that bad?"

"Well, I saw it in the movie theater and people started throwing things and walking out."

"Did you like it?"

He paused before he answered. "I don't think it is one of those movies you can say you liked."

"Did you at least laugh?" I was curious.

"Not that I'll admit to," he said, turning the now familiar shade.

"Now I really have to see it."

I paid and left. It wasn't as bad as I'd been led to believe. Jethro, the big perv, thought it was boring and went to bed.

1 comment:

Zelda said...

I about pissed myself at the mime. That was the highlight for me.
tinyhands | Homepage | 03.25.06 - 2:10 am | #


That was the world's largest paragragh. I couldn't read it.
dick | Homepage | 03.25.06 - 8:40 am | #


Tinyhands - The mime was hilarious and the part when they were telling the joke to their babies.

Dick - I linked to it especially for you. You of all people would get a bonk out of it.
Zelda | Homepage | 03.25.06 - 10:24 am | #


"That was the world's largest paragragh."

Kinda the joke!
Jim Treacher | Homepage | 03.25.06 - 11:59 am | #


Ummmm... I dunno what you're talking about so I can't comment... damnit.
Inanna | Homepage | 03.26.06 - 9:00 pm | #


Give that man a hummer, forthwith, my dear. And congratulations!
phlegmfatale | Homepage | 03.26.06 - 10:23 pm | #


Jim Treacher - I've read your blog ever since Dan Rather: Queen of the Space Unicorns. Thanks for commenting. Excuse me while I faint.

Nanner - The Aristocrats is a documentary about the most foul joke ever told. 'The Aristocrats' is the punchline. I recommend it, but make sure Nate is many miles away before you watch it.

Phlegmmy - Yes'm. Thank you.
Zelda | Homepage | 03.26.06 - 11:02 pm | #


Yay for Jethro. And you missy......I'm worried about your mental health.
Kristin | 03.26.06 - 11:04 pm | #


Okay, finally read it and laughed my ass off.
Thanks Zelda.
dick | Homepage | 03.28.06 - 9:24 am | #