Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Aftermath

Blogmeet 2006 was a resounding success. Everyone was just as funny and cool as their blogs.

Brighton - As always, the sexiest little trick in shoe leather. She has a very special talent, and it has nothing to do with a pole (although she is quite proficient in that as well). She can gather a group of people and make them feel right at home with each other as well as crack them up. It's a rare charm.

Inanna - The peachiest little peach in beaded earrings. I've never met such a good natured consumer of spirits. I felt a little bad that she gave me the blue ring. At least she tried to give it to me. I made Jethro pay her a paltry little sum, but I still felt like I'd rolled the nicest drunk in town. Let me shill for her for just a second. She is the most gifted beadwork artisan I've ever encountered. She is the real deal with imagination, patience and pure talent. We will meet again, and I will get you drunk, and I will roll you for more sparklies. Conscience be damned.

Tinyhands - I didn't get to talk to him much, but as we do get to see him every so often for dim sum, I didn't feel the urge to flog myself over it. I did compare my hands with his yet again, and gave him mad thumbs up when he gave a giggling Nanner a little twirl under the stars. Jeth and I both had our fingers crossed and indulged in a rousing chant of "Go Tiny, Go Tiny, GO!"

Kristin - My girl. I felt like I'd known her for years. It was sheer joy to make her laugh, and I enthusiastically gave it my all. She can cuss with the best of them, and I greatly admire anyone who can put four letter words to such good and appropriate use. I enjoy using them, but I don't think I'm as polished about it. Maybe she can teach me during our three-way.

Jeanette - The dimples! The humor! And the Giant Cock! [link removed] She is the master (mistress) of innuendo. I loved it. Lu-huu-huuved it. She was quieter than I expected, and I hope my loud, sweaty ass didn't frighten her. But I think all is well since we got to discuss the causes and effects of vaginal farting. In front of men, no less. Shut up, assholes. It happens. And it's fucking funny. She has some very funny pictures (start here [link removed]) of her trip which include several ones of me in which I look rather lumpy. For the life of me, I can't figure out what exactly those lumps are.

Sam and Stephanie were beautiful as always. And as always, I sweated profusely in their presence. I'm resigned. It seems to be the weather which will simply not accommodate my Yankeeness. So I have to settle for Skankiness. I rhymed. That was cool.

And last but not least, my dear friend Jen and her husband Vince. They couldn't stay long because they had gone out with us the night before for my birthday and two nights away from their beloved chilluns was a little too much. We bar hopped and had a blast. At least I did, and I was too intoxicated to tell if anyone else did or not.

My intoxication (fortunately) did not manifest itself in the form of vomiting as it did in college, but rather in a little bit of indigestion, namely gas. While Jen and I were waiting in the car, observing the aftermath of a bar brawl at the stage where the two combatants were hugging each other and declaring their undying love, and waiting for our husbands to finish paying the tabs, I let one go. I had to do it. It was very important. I politely opened the car door to release the vapors, and courteously informed Jen that I had "let an air biscuit fly and it wasn't poppin' fresh."

Oh. My. God. I have never heard anyone laugh harder at anything that has come out of my fool mouth. She screamed with laughter and repeated my line to our husbands who didn't seem quite as amused. They were sober, afterall.

I was slightly embarrassed that my little air biscuit was the cause of so much mirth, but I'm glad I could lighten up someone's evening along with my own colon.

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Brighton said...

I had SOO much fun with y'all!! Can't wait to do it again : )