Friday, May 05, 2006

Blogmeet 2006

Jethro bought a new laptop for work. He was so funny. The UPS employee delivered it, and Jethro tore it from his hands making what I call "ethnic sounds." In other words, he sounded a little like Bruce Lee after a particularly impressive ass-whooping.

The UPS guy and I laughed at him for a few minutes, but I don't think he even noticed.

Later that evening, he managed to put it down long enough to give me birthday oral, but I saw him eyeing it lovingly in the afterglow.

So here I am at 30 replaced by an inanimate object (granted with a really cool swiveling screen, but still).

Incidentally, I entered my 30th year with an (outer) snatch full of depilatory cream. I thought it was fitting.


Blogmeet 2006 is at T-bone Tom's in Kemah, Texas.

The address is 707 Highway 146, Kemah, TX 77565

Their phone # is 281-334-2133.

We will be meeting at 7:00 on Saturday, May 6 - tomorrow.

Any blogger/frequent commenter is welcome. You will know us by the preponderance of large bosoms. See you there!

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