Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Significance of a Big Red Ball

Jethro and I christened the car. Strangely enough, it was individually. I think it's indicative of our own special relationships with it.

Big Dick said in one of the comments that he was glad we hadn't purchased a new cactus. This reminded me of young man with whom I saw a movie during my illustrious dating career. We met in a bookstore. He took a chance on love.

On our way to the movie theater, he stopped by a flower/newspaper stand. He came back with a cactus. It had a long green base and a large red ball on top. And of course there were pricklies all over it.

"This is for you," he said shyly. "It seemed a little more unique that just flowers," hoping he'd get pussy points for his ingenuity.

"That is quite true," I said, after I'd closed my mouth from surprise.

Needless to say, our romance was short-lived, but not because of the cactus. He was always telling me sob stories. I think he thought a pity-fuck was his best shot. But I wasn't giving it up for lust, much less pity, so he really had no hope. Kind of tragic, really.

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