Monday, January 15, 2007


I hurt my lower back after having had some intercourse last night. My head and shoulders were off the bed and I thought my stomach muscles were getting the workout since I held the position for more than 10 minutes. I guess I'm not in good enough shape for those kinds of antics. It was worth it though.

I am having family problems which I would like to blog about, but it's a little bit of hush hush. Never a dull moment. Ever. And it seems that everyone would be miserable if there were.

And some winter weather is moving through The Great State. It should be fun. I'm going to lay in provisions because I don't like driving even in nice weather. Ice just may kill me.

To prepare for 3 days of frigid temperatures, I bought a hat. Gwennie told me I looked like a Mommy burglar. Lately nothing has made her and Emma happier than putting on hats and pretending to be burglars. That and breakdancing.


JoeinVegas said...

Are you a breakdancer too?

Zelda said...

only when I'm not turning triple axels.