Thursday, March 15, 2007

File It Under Flotsam

This is sure to provoke some outrage. But don't be intimidated by the flying camel fuckers. Report anything that looks suspicious. It's always better to be wrong than killed. And if you're worried about looking stupid, just remember how people look when they're dead. Pretty stupid.


Yesterday was Steak and BJ Day. If you can ignore the pussy-ish whining on the website, it's a great idea.

I like steak.


I am now in the final stages of packing for our week in North Carolina. I reserved the rental car yesterday. I think I have all the clothes I want to take. Now I just have to dig out all my pretty panties. I don't think poor Jethro even knows I still own them.

But as much fun as we're going to have, I am going to miss Gwennie and Emma. For so long now, I haven't considered anything to be restful or relaxing if it involved them in any way. Kids are just not zen. But now that they are older, it's so much more fun to have them around. They're funny.

Last night, I made spaghetti for Gwennie and Emma and lamb for Jethro and me. Emma ate all her spaghetti and veggies, but then decided she wanted some of mine and Jethro's dinner too. (The kid eats almost without ceasing). I told her that she'd already had hers and that she could have some salad and potatoes, but the lamb was for Daddy and me. I relented before the words were even finished coming out of my mouth. I can't look at those big, liquid, brown eyes and say "no." Jethro and I put some of the lamb on her plate. She pumped her fork-holding fist in the air and gleefully shouted, "VICTORY IS MINE!!!"

We're doomed.


Update: I want this toilet.

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