Saturday, March 10, 2007


Jethro and I will be headed to beautiful North Carolina in 8 days. I'm thrilled. A friend of mine from elementary school is getting married. She came to my wedding, so I am ecstatic to return the favor.

We'll be meeting Angi, her Preacherman, and possibly the rest of her clan while we're there. That should definitely give me something to blog about.

And since I'm running low on things to blog about, I'll go ahead and let you in on a little joke that was played on me by none other than Big Dick and his gal, Evil.

Awhile back, he posted a picture of some man panties bought for him by his Beloved. I posted the following comment:

"True story.

My sisters and I were accustomed to sharing panties simply because there were so many of us. My stepdad's mom sent him some packages of men's bikini underpants. Long story short, he was always complaining that his underwear was disappearing. After some months, we figured out he'd throw them in the wash and they'd end up in the panty pile. Gross I know. But that thong is pretty. I'll wear it since I'm now used to pretty man-panties."

I didn't expect to receive them in the mail, but I did. It was a good joke.

But since I am of a slothful nature particularly regarding laundry, I inevitably ran out of underwear probably a week or two later.

Somehow I'd forgotten that Dick said he threw them in the trash. I thought, "What the hell."

I donned them.

To say they were uncomfortable would be a gross understatement. And I do stress the word 'gross.' I was chaffing pretty much on contact. I can only imagine how they'd be for someone with actual protruding junk.

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