Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Had Anniversary Sex Before I Realized It Was My Anniversary

Zelda: "....but if you open at This Place, another chiropractor might open at That Place and might give you some competition.

Jethro: "But This Place is still a better location. Better location, better doctor...I'm not worried about competition."

Zelda (admiringly): "I'm gonna suck your toes. I love it when you get all cocky."

[I didn't actually say "toes," but since I'm repeating the coversation verbatim, I feel a little shy about repeating what I actually did say. I did, however, say "cocky."]

We were married 8 years yesterday. Can you tell?


As if I didn't have enough to think about, two of my sisters and I have decided to form our own real estate business. We have decided to target young employed men with disposable income. We feel it's an underserved market.

Winnie: "Since we're all relatively good looking, we need to have our pictures on all our advertisements.

Zelda: "Yeah. And I have really large bosoms. Men love that."

We just need to come up with a name. My brain is so fried with all these important business details that I was actually considering some of Zoolander's patented looks. I had it narrowed down to Blue Steel and Le Tigre before I came to my senses.

So I am appealing to the collective wisdom of the blogosphere (that sounds almost religious, doesn't it?) for ideas. I need a name that is classy and slightly masculine. Something that evokes chrome and martinis without sounding like a gay bar. I'm off to collect information on small businss loans.

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