Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conversation at Jethro's Parent's House After a Night of Somewhat Heavy Drinking

Zelda: "That chicken was pretty fucking good."

Jethro: "What chicken?"

Zelda: "The chicken... you just... gave me a bite of. That was fucking chicken, right? Please tell me that was fucking chicken."

Jethro: "Yeah, that was chicken. But we've eaten a lot of chicken today. I wasn't sure which chicken you were talking about."

Zelda: "Oh thank God. It was dark down there and I could have been eating anything."

Jethro: "You were eating cat. No actually, you were eating mole. And not the little burrowing kind, but human mole...."

Zelda: "How do you expect to get a blow job if you make me dry heave?"

Jethro: "I'll just wait til after you're done retching. You're usually good for it."

Which brings me to why I'm blogging at 3:00am after Saturday night...

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