Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If You Can't Beat Them, Try Anyway.

Having completed my art projects on time, I have become the Person Who Knows What Is Going On.

This means my fellow classmates come up to me during breaks and ask me what our assignment is, how to do it, and what all the big words in the book mean.

Young Hispanic Gentleman, Slightly Drunk on Boone's: "Yo, man, what exactly are we supposed to do for this project?"

Zelda: "Well first you're supposed to pick a color scheme."

YHGSDoB: "A what?"

Zelda: "A color scheme."

YHGSDoB: "A what?"

Zelda: "Some colors."

YHGSDoB: "What kind of colors?"

Zelda: "Well, you could do the primary colors..."

YHGSDoB: "The which?

Zelda: The prim...Red, blue and yellow."

YHGSDoB: "That's what you're doing?"

Zelda: "No."

YHGSDoB: "What are you doing?"

Zelda: "I'm doing a split complementary of red-orange, blue, and green."

YHGSDoB: "I wanna do that, dog. What's it called again?"

Zelda: "A split complementary. It's know, you really should do red, blue and yellow."

YHGSDoB: "Naw, man. That's boring."

Zelda: Actually it's kind of hot. They're the very boldest, most dynamic colors. Really only girls do things like split complementary."

YHGSDoB (laughing hysterically): "That's cuz they have, like, split personalities, and shit."

Zelda: "Exactly. You hit the nail on the head precisely."

YHGSDoB: "Yo, thanks, man."

Zelda: "De nada, muchacho."

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