Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indian Buffet

All you can eat but
the diarrhea gives you
spasmodic Tourette's.


I'm being forced to take Environmental Science this session. Somebody shoot me. If it wasn't illegal to drink and fondle oneself in public, the class wouldn't be a total waste of time. But since we are a repressed and prudish society, no such luck.

It isn't that I don't care about the environment. If I could talk Jethro into it, we'd live on Walden Pond. However, many of the statement in the textbook make no sense. I made the mistake of raising my hand to ask for clarification of a few points, and the professor (who is probably the sweetest, kindest propagandist on earth) went off on a tangent that didn't help clear up a thing.

I've taken 3 science classes during my illustrious academic career, none of which will transfer because I wasn't indoctrinated into the ranks of the blindly acceptent environmental drones. And this is for an associates degree in graphic design at trade school!

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