Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Hole

I got the group sex guy in my class to like me, and I wasn't even trying.

I guess mama was right. Boys do like girls who are spastic, a little fat, and married.

I can't take it too seriously though. Right after he said women like me were his weakness, he put out feelers for another girl in my class. She's much better for him (in that she's attainable) and I hope it works out.

Okay. The book.

Jethro and I went out exploring with the girls on Saturday, stopping by a Whole Earth Provision Co store, which sells mostly hippie gear for yuppies.

They had a pretty cool toy section, so we were letting Gwennie and Emma look around. Right next to the toys was a shelf of kids' books. Right next to the kids' books were the shelves of adult books.

Now when I say adult, I don't mean "adult" per se, just simply books that most kids would find utterly boring.

Jethro and I were flipping through "Great Houses at Affordable Prices" when Jethro makes this startled noise, and I look up to see a sparkly little eye staring at me through this. Before the horror could fully register, Emma grabbed it and poked her tongue through while Gwennie screamed with laughter.

"Look Mom! It's Pen-Is Pokey! Isn't that funny? It has underwear on the cover!"

Jethro and I were in heaving convulsions by this time trying not to laugh in a way that would let the kids know that it was much funnier than just a pair of underpants.

We tossed the book and left post haste. There wasn't really any way to get out of it gracefully.

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