Monday, March 06, 2006

I guess the Academy finally "knew how to quit" them and gave Best Picture to Crash. Undoubtedly they are ignorant homophobes who have never known the joy of homoerotic intimacy in a pup tent, but Crash still seemed like a really good movie - from the clips I've seen.

I didn't even intend to watch the Academy Awards, but my sense of humor forced me to tune in for the last awards. I was ecstatic to see Ang Lee win an oscar for directing Brokeback. I consider him a true artist and there is probably no subject from which he couldn't wrestle some beauty.

Larry McMurtry won for best adapted screenplay for Brokeback, and I thought that was great too. I love Larry McMurtry even though he's written a few real stinkers. But anyone who can open a book with the image of a naked, 200lb whore is, at the very least, an interesting person.

Anyway, it doesn't much matter. If Titanic could win, anything could win and that does rather take away from the event as a whole.


So Jethro and I have been married 7 years today. It's hard to believe I was 22 when I got married. It seems so idiotically young. Then again, it seems like a ridiculous age to be a single parent, so I'm glad we did. People have asked me if I feel as if I missed out on things by getting married so early. I guess I do sometimes, but when it comes down to it, what was there to do that I missed out on? Sleep with a lot of people? It wasn't my style anyway. Travel? I didn't do a tremendous amount, but the amount I did was thoroughly satisfying. Go out and party? If the whole point is to get laid, why bother? I got a sure thing. Besides, I've seen what's out there and let's just say I guard Jethro's health very carefully.


Lyllia said...

Congrats on your seven-year-itch! It's got to be so incredible to have someone to scratch and be scratched by seven years after you got hitched. Marriage is not predetermined by age, but by the fearless desire to be together- through thick and thin. CONGRATS again and I hope you get your well-deserved vacation... soon.

Zelda said...

You are so very right. And I do need that vacation.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on seven years and I wish you many more.
Dennis (friend of Big Dick)

Zelda said...

Happy Anniversary.
Jack | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 1:15 pm | #


I was 20 when Tommy and I tied the knot. I don't advise it for my boys, in fact it down right terrifies me that TJ is only 4 years away from that....

For me, the best part of the awards...getting to see Clooney smile, love that wicked smile of his....

Happy Anniversary.
Angi | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 1:18 pm | #


Jack - Gracias, mi amigo.

Angi - I don't know that you have anything to worry about. Boys tend to delay that type of thing and yours seem to like being home.
Zelda | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 2:29 pm | #


Happy anniversary kids, and many many more!
phlegmfatale | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 3:16 pm | #


Happy Anniversary!!

Any special plans to celebrate?

Enjoy yourselves!!!
Lynx | 03.06.06 - 4:11 pm | #


Happy, happy anniversary and tons more (and good sex too)!!
Kristin | 03.06.06 - 5:47 pm | #


Happy Anniversary. It's a wonderful thing, for sure.
Sam | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 6:26 pm | #


Happy Anniversary. I got married 2 weeks after I turned 21 and I have never regretted it. We celebrate 11 years this summer.
Kel | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 8:49 pm | #


Phlegmmy - Merci, mon amie.

Lynx - We went to an Italian restaurant. I found out mid-meal that Jethro had taken his ex there many moons ago. I though it was funny.

Kristin - Thank you for the good wishes for the sexual intercourse.

Sam - Thanks, my friend.

Kel - Good for you. Marriage is the prettiest noose I've ever had around my neck.
Zelda | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 12:29 am | #


Happeh anniversary!

....I guess this means my birthday is coming up in a few days; didn't we run this dance last year? lol

May you two enjoy a long life together still and (maybe?) enjoy another few little girls and a boy mehbeh. And that y'all enjoy numerous grandchildren (at the appropriate time) and greatgrandchildren

((btw: never realized we thought the same things regarding "married too young"....i'm quite ready to settle, but it gets me a ton of stares...))
tCj | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 8:08 am | #


I've heard the young vs. old argument before. The older you are, the more analytical you become about potential partners. The younger you are, the more potential there is to grow apart.

You're happy, so why sweat it? Happy Anniversary to a great couple!!
Inanna | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 3:09 pm | #


Z- So nice to hear you're not one of those petty girls that lets shit like that bother you. But, I already gathered that much!
Glad to hear the two of you had a nice time!
Lynx | 03.07.06 - 6:06 pm | #


Happy Anniversary!!! Mike and I were young too when we got married. I was 18, he was 19. Most people thought we were crazy but it was the best decision I have ever made. We'll be married 15 years this year and my oldest child who is 12, almost 13 tells me that she can get married in 5 years. I'm like, "WHAT?????" That's pretty young don't ya think? LOL

I'm glad to see others that have made it this far and don't regret a minute of it. It seems like marriage is not as big of a deal these days and I find that so sad. It's a sacred thing and you should be congratulated again and again for keeping yours going!
Michelle | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 6:31 pm | #


Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

I'm always happy to hear about people who's marriage is working in this day and age. You guys are a rarity you know.
O.G. | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 9:56 pm | #


Happy belated anniversary! I wasn't even 21 when we got married, and even though we were just kids, I wouldn't change a thing.
Jen | Homepage | 03.08.06 - 12:53 pm | #


I must admit, what drew me to watching the Academy Awards was that right when we turned on the TV, there was Salma Hayek...d-rool, d-rool. :D

I didn't watch long enough to see the best picture award, but was treated to an eyeful of Jessica Alba...although, she seems to have gotten way too skinny for my liking....but Salma...

mmmmm...Desperado. Okay, back to work!
Sam | Homepage | 03.08.06 - 5:08 pm | #


congrats... 7 years, sweet... i have my 7 year this year, so i understand... there are many more to come, at least i would think so
Turf | Homepage | 03.08.06 - 5:31 pm | #