Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Enough About Me, Let's Talk About Me

1. Robin Hood is my favorite Disney movie

2. I was pregnant before I was married.

3. I've never mentioned Jethro's actual race/ethnicity.

4. I've never graduated college.

5. I've attempted to receive anal sex. It did not go well.

6. I've done a lot of travelling.

7. Bacon is my favorite food. I could eat 15 pieces in a row.

8. I'm not crazy about chocolate.

9. David Bowie in Labyrinth was my first movie star crush. I never told anyone.

10. I've been in love 3 times.

11. I secretly think it is funny when kids swear.

12. I could read when I was 3.

13. I always wanted dark hair.

14. I've picked out blog names for my daughters that I will use from here on out. Eldest will be "Gwennie" and Baby will be "Emma."

15. I love my sisters more than I let on.

16. I think most celebrities are idiots.

17. I'm still "best friends" with my best friend from 4th grade.

18. I will never speak kindly to or of my former best friend from Houston.

19. I can hold a grudge.

20. If I receive an apology, the grudge will be forgotten instantly.

21. I prefer comfort to style, but I'm happiest when I can achieve both.


Inanna said...

1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
2. Me too, but I forgot to get married.
3. We love him regardless.
4. I did, hasn't done me a damn bit of good.
5. I did too... but it went extremely well.
6. Ditto
7. I love bacon, but not that much.
8. Ditto.
9. I loved David Bowie in Labyrinth!
10. I guess about that many.
11. Ditto
12. I was 5.
13. I always wanted red.
14. Beautiful names... Nate's is Nathanial.
15. I love my sisters... they don't get on my nerves in the mall.
16. Ditto
17. 8th grade for me
18. I would hate to be her.
19. 20. 21. Ditto

Zelda said...

I absolutely love the name Nathanial. It was - actually still is - on my list of names for a boy.

Johnny Monk said...

oh oh me next, me next!
1. robin hood is my favorite disney movie as well

2. it is impossible for me to get pregnant, i'm barren

3. i don't know jethro's race/ethnicity

4. it took me 5 years and a lot of summer course to
graduate and i would do it all over again.

5. i would like to try anal sex, but not on the
receiving end

6. i have been to a little over half the united states,
canada, spain and morroco in africa and a stop in
england to switch planes.

7. Sandwhiches are my favorite food. mmmmmmm sandwhiches

8. i have no opinions about chocolate.

9. i believe pam anderson was my first love :)

10. i've been in love twice.

11. its funny when little kids do anything wrong.

12. i could read when i was 2 years and 11 months...
actually i dunno i just wanted to beat you at that

13. i like my hair.

14. if i were to have kids it would be johnny monk jr.
and hannah

15. i too love my sister more than people think.

16. all celebrities are idiots.

17. i'm friends with no one from elementary school

18. i too can hold a grudge... and i'm passive
aggressive so watch out.

19. i like breasts.

20. mmmmmm breasts.

Zelda said...

Johnny, do you like breasts? How 'bout thighs?

Johnny Monk said...

actually i'm more of an ass man.....

Zelda said...

I guess "I like ass, mmmmmm ass" just doesn't have the same ring?