Monday, August 02, 2004

Unexpected Night Out

Jeth and I had the best Saturday night. Baby wandered into our room where we were watching TV and said, "I need to go see gramma." Well, who could deny such a request? I took both the girls to Jethro's parent's house to see "gramma and grampa." I goofed around with my sister-in-law for awhile, then started to make noises about going home. Grampa ignored me completely and gave the girls bottles (which they are far too big for and don't have at home) and said, "go upstairs before your mother sees." I pretended to insist that I should take them home and not burden them with the girls, but they were quite determined and I didn't mind a bit.

I went back home and Jeth was actually still awake. I said, "Hey baby, wanna date?" He said, "Hell yeah." So we went out to a sports bar right down the road from us. There was a cover band playing bitter alternative hits. They weren't that good, but they were some loud and tough-looking cholos and they had brought all their loud and tough-looking cholo friends. I kind of had a thing for the guirarist. I usually have a thing for bass players (something about the way they move their fingers makes me want to hit a high note), but this bass player was a girl and I just don't go there (not that I couldn't if I wanted to). Anyway, the last song they played was "She Hates Me" - Puddle of Mudd. The last lines of the song are, of course, "She fucking hates me." The singer then ad-libbed "but she fucking loves my cock" to raucous applause. I guess a guy just can't cover a song like that without clarifying that it isn't an indictment of his love-making skills. It was funny though.

I got pretty hammered drinking long island ice teas. Through the drunken haze, a few things caught my attention. One was a boozy looking older blonde who was hitting on a younger guy. She kept dancing around in front of him and the guy looked just young and drunk and interested enough for me to think he might be getting some in the back seat of his car. This lady looked like she knew her way around the back-seat. She also looked like she knew her way around motorcycles and gas-station restrooms.

There was a young boozy blonde there with an older guy. He looked primed for a mid-life crisis, and she looked just young and drunk and interested enough to make me think that she might be getting some in the Motel 6 down the freeway. I think back-seat sex might have been physically challenging for the guy.

There were some college kids there. One was smoking a cigar. He didn't look old enough to shave, but he was smoking a cigar. He looked silly.

After the band finished and I had annihilated everyone in the bar at trivia (I was the only one actually playing), Jethro poured me into the car and we drove through Taco Cabana (which was hoppin').

We got home and some. On the living room floor. Con fajitas y queso.


Inanna said...

Hee hee hee hee.. :o)

jp said...

I'd hate to have to clean your floor. :o)

Zelda said...

You have no idea.

Angi said...

Don't you love date night?

Zelda said...

Yeah Angi, I do. But I love the unexpected date night best. If I try to plan a night, something always goes wrong. That's ok, but it always works out best for me if there are no plans.

Before we had kids, we used to just pick up and go to the beach at midnight if we felt like it. Or decide just after we'd gotten in bed that we just had to have martinis. Or just dropping everything and having sex on the living room floor as soon as we got in from our respective jobs. The Glory Days.