Saturday, August 14, 2004


Thanks for responding. I know it was kind of dumb, but I appreciate it. It just goes to show that a "so clean you could eat off the floor" house is not really required in a mate. That's cool. I forgot a few things like Religion/Spirituality, but it really didn't matter.

I had to quit for a few days and give my mind a rest. My Eldest had her first day of Kindygarten and seems to like it pretty well. The baby cried and cried for "my Gwennie" when we left her at school. She kept saying, "No no. I need my Gwennie. Please Mommy, I need my Gwennie." Enough to break your heart into pieces and lodge them in your guilt forever and ever. They had never been separated and the little one is really shy and depends on her big sister. Severe trauma.

We are having gorgeous weather this weekend. Some amazing cold front moved through from Canadia and it is in the high 80s with low humidity. Absolutely unheard of in Houston. I'm hoping it means we will have an early or a cold winter. In fact, I think I'll go enjoy it while it lasts. Over and out.

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Angi said...

When my oldest went to school, #2, who is only 18 months younger, just sat on the couch all day, not watching TV, nothing, just sat there. Zombified. He was like that for weeks. He gradually started walking about the house, but not much. Took him until after Christmas break to be able to play by himself.