Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gwennie and Emma Funnies

I had a sinus headache last night. I usually get a respite in the winter, but it's been so warm my allergies have been going haywire. So I was lying down on the couch waiting for the sinus medication to kick in. Gwennie came over with a concerned look on her face and her toy stethoscope around her neck. She said, "Here. I'll help you feel better." She started listening to my heart with her stethoscope.

Joking around with her, I said, "You better listen to my brain."

Soberly, she put the disc on my forehead and listened intently. I tried my hand at ventriloquism and started making little sounds. She told me to quit it. Finally, she looked up seriously and gave her diagnosis. "Mommy, you have a brain confection."

"Is that bad?" I asked.

"Well, it isn't good" she said.

Then the little dear brought me a heart pillow and a cold towel for my head. Sometimes I love her so much I could melt away.


Emma is a sneaky little wench. I'm know one day I'm going to catch Gwennie stuck in the thornbushes I'm going to plant under her window. And I know I'm not going to catch Emma with the whole football team under her bed. They'll be there, but I'll never know.

But right now, Emma does this dance where she moves her arms in a wave. Then she squats down and moves her knees back and forth. Then she shakes her bootie. This is hysterical, but it's even funnier when she does it while wearing her bike helmet and knee pads.

Then she says, "I'll get to whoopin' bof a y'all." I think it's from Madagascar, but she has truly made it her own. Especially when she says it at an appropriate moment. Gwennie and their uncle Matt were pretending to fight and Emma laid that line on them. Gwennie won. Sometimes I want to kiss that Emma until she screams for mercy.

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