Sunday, January 08, 2006

How Sweet It Is

It was a great day today. The weather in Houston has been just beautiful. Clear skies, temperature in the 70s - not typical January weather in the least. But before anyone stuck in the frozen North starts giving me the bitterness, just remember that we have about three such days a year. So let me enjoy it, huh?

Jethro and I took care of the yard. With Jethro finishing school and everyone sick, the yard was in a severe state. He mowed the grass, and I raked the leaves. I keep forgetting how relaxing outdoor work is. Usually I'm pretty keen to stay out of the sun and heat, but on a day like today it was wonderful.

After we finished the yard, Jethro played basketball with the girls for hours. Gwennie plays in a league and she really needed the practice. If you can believe it, she is the worst player on the worst team in the league. It's kind of cute. She has no idea and she's so enthusiastic. I hope with a little work she will improve.

I went out to watch them play. Gwennie and Emma were practicing passing. Gwennie fouled Emma many many times. Jethro started shooting the ball from all the way across the yard and making the shots. He used to play on his high school team. I was never really interested in jocks unless they could use proper grammar, but after watching Jethro swish that ball through that net again and again, I think I just might like basketball players almost as much as bass players. Meow.

Sometimes I think women have a pretty good deal. I mean, get hitched to an enterprising man, with a decent career and all you have to do is remain faithful, and give it up a few times a week. I'm too lazy to cheat and I like to fuck, so how sweet is that?


Jen said...

It's pretty sweet.

Abby and I would love to come watch one of Gwennie's games, so let us know when we could come out and see her play. I am sure it is quite hilarious to watch a bunch of 6yr olds run around for an hour while the coaches attempt some type of strategy with them. I remember my nephew's little league T-ball games last year - some would scratch their asses, others would pick flowers in the outfield, and so on.

Zelda said...

No problem. Gwennie would be delighted. She is one of the flower pickers. She guards people waaaay on the on the other end of the court. But she is so enthusiastic about playing that I hate to see hate to criticize.

kel said...

We had an awful experience with bad sportsmanship on my sons basketball team last weekend mostly with parents and I was like they are Kindergarten/1st grade WTF it was ridiculous. Glad you got to enjoy the weather.