Monday, January 23, 2006

An Answer To A Good Question/The Dangers Of Utilizing

So the best question by far was whether or not Jethro and I have ever gotten into a fight about something we blogged about.

There were a couple of things. He got annoyed when I posted the audio of his snoring (which I graciously removed) and I was irritated when he described how hard he laughed when Gwenne called my legs fat. There were a few other things that I've written, but those are the stand-out moments. I write more than Jethro and he is usually a gentleman, so I'm bound to piss everyone off more.


And speaking of pissing people off, I technorati'd myself on a whim. That was a mistake. Some New Yorker, irritated by a comment I left at a blog post about European political art, searched both of my blogs and projected some violent sexual fantasy onto my poor little masturbation post. What is it with hard-core leftists and violent sexual proclivity? I've never fist-fucked myself in my life. Three-fingers tops, and even that's a strain.

But the funniest part of that post was his calling me a "card-carryin' Protest Warrior -type nutter..." (I love his unpretentious use of British colloquialisms, by the way). So I thought I would post a few pictures and let anyone who bothers to read this draw their own conclusions.






(Free Love and a trashcan for afterwards)


This one's for Kristin :-P

(He's speaking to a reporter, no doubt coveying the righteousness of the anti-war cause, and backing it up with a tied-off scrotum).

Now I know there are sane Leftists who are embarrassed by all of this. And it's not my intention to embarrass anyone in posession of a measured, rational, political point of view. But these are the people I feel need to be countered by anyone who is opposed to Islamofacism, Communism, The Public Display of Sagging Scrotums, etc. They don't have the monopoly on free speech and I intend to make that clear by dragging my moderate ass out there every chance I get.

Most Protest Warriors are not confrontational by nature. I'm a mild exception, being the recipient of true hippie genes. But there is a limit on what normal, working-class individuals will tolerate. And another Vietnam-style hippie coup is not one of them. So they can keep their dictators, gulags and free love. I can get laid just fine as an aficionado of democracy.

Photos courtesy of ProtestWarrior and Zombietime

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