Thursday, January 12, 2006

This 'n' That

If you ever want to see a Freaky Movie, see Audition, a film by director Takashe Miike, who is obviously quite deranged. Normally, I detest horror movies, and this one was no exception. I had to leave the room for the last 15 minutes. I think eyes got poked. Out. And despite it being "a powerful and thought-provoking look at Japanese sexual politics" my sympathies were firmly with the dude.

Where would we get such a movie, you ask? Jethro's friend Corin gave it to him for his birthday. Corin is a freak who taught himself Japanese by watching anime. Now whenever he says "Kiri, kiri, kiri" I am convulsed by a shudder of revulsion.

Corin is in the military and is desperatly seeking combat. I pity anyone who comes into contact with him, be they friend or foe.


I have a UTI. It's from having hot, sticky, spank-the-mama sex. Damn these high-maintenance destroyers of men.


And lastly, after visiting a few hospice care facilities, Jethro's family decided to bring Grandma home. Thank God. Even though she is dying, it is turning out to be a special time for everyone. All the family members are dropping by the house and visiting. She is laughing and enjoying everyone's company. She doesn't look well, and I don't believe she has much time left, but she seems happy and content, and you can't ask for too much more out of life.

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