Sunday, June 13, 2004


I don't know whether to chalk it up to my own little fantasy

world or what, but I can't remember anything lately. I have

forgotten two parent/teacher conferences for my 3 year old, I

left the iron on for a day, I have left the oven going after

taking out frozen pizza, and I misplaced my cell phone about 200

times in one week. But the worst thing I forgot to do was shave

my knees. I have no idea how it happened. When I do shave my

legs (which is not as often as might be desired), I am very

thorough about it. However, I was in a hurry the other night. I

got into the car and happened to glance down at my legs. I was

wearing a short skirt and sandals, so there was no hiding the

almost perfect circles of hair on my knees. Luckily, I don't

have very dark hair, so I'm sure no one noticed, but I felt self-

conscious about it. Jethro was no help either. He made fun of

me the whole way there. I said he had no room to talk until he

trimmed his armpit hair (which is quite long). It was a very

unsexy conversation. I have since tried to think things out a

little more thoroughly. Maybe I'll try some ginko biloba.


jp said...

Sex helps the memory. Have lots of it.

Zelda said...

JP - I do have lots of it, but then I start thinking about it and forgetting things like my 3 year old's underpants. Poor kid. She cried and cried when I tried to force her into her car seat. She doesn't like to be without underpants.

jp said...

I could see where your kid would be upset. You gotta teach that kid to dress his/herself. And why is your 3 y.o. having parent/teacher conferences?????

Zelda said...

She is actually in a little nursery school 2-3 days a week. The teacher likes to meet with parents once a year and show off their artwork, writing skills, etc. And the 3 year old is a baby still. She likes me to dress her. My 4 y.o. dressed herself when she was 18 mos. They're just completely different kids. I don't mind, because I have way better taste in clothes than my kids do. My 4 year old would dress like a gypsy queen (complete with crown) if I let her.

jp said...

My 2 kids are totally different as well. One of my little men (7) has to be up your butt every second of the day. I mean, if you turn around, you trip over him. My other little dude (5) is oblivious to who is where. I mean, you have to seek him out to make sure the little shit isn't destroying his room...or my room. I don't understand how I can be totally, completely pissed off at them one minute and totally wrapped around their finger the very next.

Zelda said...

I only get pissed off at my eldest who is almost 5, and according to my mom, is exactly like me. Stubborn. Whiny. Dramatic. The baby is the sweetest little wispy thing. I don't love one over the other, but baby is easier.

Unknown said...

I miss my girl being those young ages. She is 14 yrs old now and I have been dealing with things like teen boys, sex talk, fear of drugs and smoking and alcohol. Enjoy it while you can! But it is a fun time also, watching her go from a child to a young person that can make decisions, and when she does make a good one, I get such a sense of happiness and pride. She is the light of my life and I cannot wait until she returns to live with me.