Tuesday, June 15, 2004


11:30 am. - I can't stand it when my boss sticks around for the

whole morning. He drives me up the friggin' wall. I'll be right

in the middle of doing something and he'll say, "Make sure you do

such and such," and it will be exactly what I am in the middle of

doing. It drives me bonkers. He also speaks really slowly to

me. I am pretty sure it is because he has trouble gathering his

thoughts together, but it comes out very condescending. I can

stand just about anything but condescension and deliberate

rudeness. I probably need sex.

Even though the kids were gone last night, we didn't have sex.

We were both too tired to be on top. We argued about it for a

few minutes, but ended up passing out. We were both really

tired. Hopefully we can get some before the kids come home


9:30 pm - Okay, we got some. I feel better. Now I can watch the

Astros get crushed by the Cubs and not really give a shit. Last

time I went to an Astros/Cubs game there was a fight. I am not

sure why anyone would pick a fight with the hometown fans, but

they did. The security guards almost knocked out their

damn teeth. Glad my little girls were there to see grown men go



Unknown said...

I understand about bosses hanging around, poking into everything you do. I can't work in that kind of setting. That is one reason I like the job I have now. My office is way out back, secluded and all by itself. I can wander upfront and interract when I want to, and go hide when I need to.

jp said...

Yes, bosses can be that way. Luckily, mine leaves me the hell alone most of the day. As long as the work gets done, he doesn't ask questions (such as "What's blogspot.com?).

Thanks for the kind comments about my boys. I love those little dudes with every fiber of my being. They make me proud....angry too...but mostly proud. :o)

Oh and remind me to tell you about the time I had lunch with Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. ;o)

Zelda said...

I am in the unfortunate position of working for my stepfather. I love him, but I hate working for him.

JP - You have to tell me about that. Bagwell would be on my list of guys I could screw without marital repercusssions. Jethro won't allow it though, because he is local. I bet he was cool though.