Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Remember Who You Are.....

Pauliemac wrote a really lovely post about appreciating where you

are in life. All you lurkers out there (and I know you're there

and who you are :-) - just kidding) should go read it. It's an

honest piece of work.

I guess I have always been kind of non-conformist. It used to

bother me in grade school, and if I were to be completely honest,

through college, and I tried really hard to fit in, but something

always prevented me. I am convinced now, that it was my better

judgment, or a "rebellious spirit" as my mom calls it. It always

surfaced at inappropriate times and made me a very lonely person

for awhile, but it always made me hold my convictions just a

little more firmly. One example is my interracial marriage (and

I really don't care for that term, but for lack of a better

one.....). People would normally expect us to be raging

liberals. Nope. I am a libertarian/conservative and Jethro is a

die-hard gun-owning conservative. Both of us feel that we are at

a place in society where we have something worth conserving. If

we were living 30 years ago we might have been liberals. Not now.

The opinions of John McCain, Carlos Mendoza, Bruce Lee, and

Coolio embody (to me) the ideal of an integrated society. I

think they represent different nuances of the type of society we

would all like to create.

Okay, I'm done pontificating. Thanks for bearing with me. It is

a subject, unfortunately, that I could go on about forever.

But to go back to pauliemac's post, I appreciate the place he's

reached and rejoice in the sense of peace that anyone finds in

their own person. I am personally at peace with being a jeans +

t-shirt gal who will never dress a part no matter where we live

or how much wealth we acquire.

Okay. I really am done now, and I hope to never descend to this

level of emotional chick-ness again.


jp said...

Ah, we're all allowed to pontificate every once in awhile. Actually, it's good to get it out. Just don't make it a habit, girly. :o)

As for the bagwell and biggio story - I had lunch with them by basically not pointing out to a restaurant that they were ballplayers. They wanted to eat their lunch without being hounded and I obliged. In return, they let me sit and talk with them. Cool guys, both of them. Quiet, but cool. There's a great article about Biggio in this week's ESPN the magazine. Pick it up and read it.

Zelda said...

That is really cool. I love the Astros. I can't explain it, but I really do. My family used to be die-hard Mets fans, but since moving to Houston, I changed my allegience. I really can't explain it. Jethro was a starter on his varsity basketball team, so I don't think he has a lot of use for baseball, but I love it. I can actually tell when someone throws a strike or a ball before the ump calls it. I am insanely proud of that.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the compliment. I have even better news. I got served papers to go to court concerning my son, that I have not seen in 6 years. But it is a good thing as I have been attempting to contact her in an appropiate way to see him. She is not quite right upstairs and I have to play the game with her a certain way but now I understand how to deal with her (as I have learned how to deal with alot of things in life now). Will keep you posted.

jp said...

Zelda - I was a diehard Braves fan before I moved to the Northwest. I now follow the Mariners more than I do the Braves. Switching allegiances is ok. Just as long as you don't get a certain team's logo tattooed onto your body, that is. And you should be proud of that.

pauliemac - I wish you nothing but the best in your quest for your kids. Do keep us posted.