Friday, June 18, 2004


I've written about my First Daughter, but not about The Baby. I

finally made it to her parent/teacher conference yesterday (even

though she's only 3). They showed me her "artwork." I was

expecting the usual stuff, and to hear the usual praise, but it

was not so. Both her teachers sat down with me and said that

they could not interpret her "artwork." One of the ladies has a

PhD in chid development and said that my Baby's "artwork" defies


Apparently, kids draw in three phases. The first phase is dots,

the second is scribbles, the third is recognizable (or almost

recognizable) objects. Baby paints all three phases on one

page. And she spends hours doing it. They showed me her

artwork from a year ago. She had covered a page in these ornate

scribbles and dots using a black crayon. I thought it was funny

that she used black, but otherwise, thought it was normal. No.

They showed me three other kids' artwork and the had made a few

wispy scribbles and moved on to something else. Baby's page was

covered from corner to corner with deep black complicated

curlicues. And to top it off, she had done the other side too.

And she has done 10 times as much "artwork" as the other kids.

They said she doesn't want to socialize, only draw and paint.

The things she is drawing now are really weird. She draws many

disembodied heads with eyes, nose and mouth (she even puts

irises in the eyes) and then in the middle of them, she'll make

a sun. And throughout the page will be the curlicues. They

said most kids just draw their family or animals. I can't tell

if she is reliving some deep trauma, or if she is a genius, or

if (Godforbid) she is autistic. She defies analysis.

She wouldn't speak for the longest time. I was on the verge of

taking her to a speech therapist, but she suddenly started

speaking perfectly (except for her "r"s and "l"s). One day,

when she didn't know I was listening, she counted to 20 in

Spanish. I don't even know where she learned it. I make her

sound so complex, but she is such a placid kid. Her favorite

thing to do is curl up on my lap. That's all she asks out of

life. That and her Dora doll.

This doll was given to the First Daughter for her birthday.

Baby refused to let her have it, and through sheer force of

will, made it hers. One day, Jethro was vacuuming the floor and

pretended that he was going to vacuum up the Dora doll. He said

he saw this blur and the Dora doll disappeared. Baby had

saved her. I almost cried when he told me this,

because both girls are terrified of the vacuum. Charlene will

scream, but Baby just stands there, petrified, too scared to

scream or move. Heartbreaking, but kind of sweet.


jp said...

I'd say your kid will be ok. Well, as long as she doesn't start housefires with her thoughts. :o)

Zelda said...

She is too nice to start fires. The other one though....

Zelda said...

That's a good idea. But I am almost completely retarded when it comes to doing things like that. I don't even know how to link to other people's blogs from mine. Jethro has promised to help me with it as soon as he is done with his exams.

Zelda said...

Katy, that is reassuring. I'm not that worried because her hearing is ok. I have a theory that she is just a perfectionist. She refused to walk until she could do it perfectly. I've seen her trip maybe twice. She is a really thorough kid - hence the detailed picture. I will have to post them - they are really funny (at least to me).

Manda said...

your baby sounds amazing! you are so lucky....