Saturday, June 19, 2004

Some memories you just wish would die

RANDOM PERSONAL THOUGHT: I always have the feeling whenever I'm doing something that I don't think Jethro would particularly like, that he is going to spank me. Highly irrational, but I like it.

Speaking of the man, he went to go mow his parents yard. Just like that without anyone asking. My mom would have to beg, then pay me to mow her yard. I am filled with self-loathing.

Speaking of self-loathing, one time Jeth and I filmed ourselves in explicit ways. It looked no better or worse than any amateur porno, but I was horrified at myself. Somehow the angle we got was very explicit - and detailed. To be blunt, it is hard to see yourself fucked four ways from Sunday.

Anyway, I'm going out. Its SATURDAY NIGHT!! YEEEEEEEE HAW!!


Unknown said...

After working 10 hours, all I can think of is going to bed! I am getting old.

Zelda said...

Trust me Greg, it wasn't. But then in person, I'm kind of shy.

jp said...

"it is hard to see yourself fucked four ways from Sunday."

Yeah, you seem like the shy type. ;o)

Zelda said...

You have no idea how hard I blush when I write things like that.