Thursday, June 17, 2004


This is a playstation 1 platform game that I have had for 5 years

and never finished. It is so damn long and I have ADD. Anyway,

I recently resuscitated it so I could play it for Charlene and

Sally-Ann. Charlene (5) loves it. I have played it for hours

and she thinks it is the greatest thing. Sally-Ann (3) is in her

own little world, but will cheer if Charlene does. The whole

point of this game is to beat 7 evil pigs. I can't beat the

friggin' pigs. I get too excited and flustered and I die. After

dying about 8 times, I had Jethro come it to do it. Jethro could

beat an evil pig blindfolded (does that sound vaguely erotic?).

Anyway, he did it and Charlene cheered wildly, hugged her father,

and turned to look at me. "Mommy," she said solemnly. "You need

to be a winner like Daddy." I have never seen Jethro laugh so

hard. To be honest, I haven't either. She is such a Daddy's

girl. When we went to the Butterfly exhibit, she demanded that

he catch her a butterfly. And the big dolt actually tried. She

rules us all.

I am still at work. I was supposed to leave early, but I'm

waiting for a phone call about a power of attorney...blah, blah,

blah. Sometimes I have my mom do some cold calling for me, but I

don't think I'll ask her anymore. She is a sweet Indiana lady

who can't pronounce a name harder than Betty, so it was with

misgivings that I handed her my cold call list. I took it back

immediately though when I heard her call someone "Ass-Smear."

The name happened to be Asmir. I'm not positive about how to

pronounce it either, but I am pretty sure it's not like that.

Another time, she came upon the name "Glasscock." She couldn't

stop laughing enough to call them. It was pretty funny though.

Okay, I'm off. Toodles.


jp said...

My 5 y.o. has his own playstation and plays Madden and MLB 2005 incessantly. Of course, I have my own X-Box and play Sega World Series and NBA Live just as incessantly.

My 7 y.o. draws, colors, READS and uses his brain. I should aspire to be like him, but, alas, I am destined to be like my 5 y.o.

Zelda said...

My 5 year old already has me figured. I must bow to her intellectual superiority. My Baby just wants to cuddle.